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Ewa Axelrad

Born in 1984, the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and Royal College of Art graduate. The author of installations, spatial objects, photographs. Her work usually involves site-specific interventions. She continuously returns to her favorite subjects: the relationships between visuality and technology, distortion of perception, associations revealing similiarities between artistic and military or police practices.
Ewa Axelrad’s practice comprises mainly of installations, photographic and moving image and sculptural objects. Among the recurring subjects in her practice there is violence to be found in interpersonal and collective relations, and its manifestations in everyday objects and architectural settings. It is the very potential for a shift in power that lies at the heart of these interests, the possibility that the current dynamics of power may change from one moment to the next. Axelrad’s research is informed mainly by specific events from the past such as personal recollections and collective memories. She is also interested in the role of aesthetics and design in the interplay of certain social set-ups. Several of her projects concentrate on the ambiguous relationships in which an attractive surface misleads the attention to the point of revealing its underlying opposite.

Artworks in the collection of CCA in Toruń (Poland), Zachęta Collection in Szczecin, Museum in Gliwice, Griffin Art Space, Wrocław Contemporary Museum.

2017 - The Deutsche Bank Foundation's Award 'Views' [Spojrzenia] nomination
2017 - Paszporty Polityki Award nomination
2010 - Conran Award nomination
2009 - Art Council Grant (EASTinternational)
- Bursary , Royal College of Art
- Mloda Polska, Art Award
- Godowsky Award, nomination
2008 - Bursary, Royal College of Art

Solo Exhibitions:
- Shtamah, Copperfield Gallery, London
- Shtamah, Contemporary Museum, Wrocław
- Bold Tendencies, London
- Satis, The Ryder, London
- Minimum, Necessary, Objectively Reasonable, BWA Warszawa
- Warm Leatherette, BWA Warszawa, Warsaw
- Vk, Czytelnia Sztuki, Gliwice
- Plague, Winter Saloon, Warsaw
- ORANƵ, Ende Neu in Biala Gallery, Lublin
- SUCHE, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan
- Play Dead, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan
- 01, Aneks Gallery, Poznan
- Trening, Naprzeciw Gallery, Poznan

Selected Group Exhibitions:
- The State is Not a Work of Art, Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
- Beyond the River, Albertinum Dresden at Bad Muskau
- Ideal-Types, HE.RO Gallery, Amsterdam
- Artistry. 100 Years of Polish Sculpture, Art Museum Bourse, National Museum, Riga
- VIEWS 2017, Deutsche Bank Foundation Award exhibition at Zachęta National
Gallery, Warsaw (upcoming in September)
- Let’s go. Yes, let’s go. (They do not move) site-specific installation for Bold
Tendencies, London
- We have the weights, We have the measures, Copperfield Gallery, London
- The Dynamics of Decline, BWA Warszawa, Warsaw
- Bogactwo, Zachęta National Gallery, Warsaw
- Dotyk, Centrum Rzeźby Orońsko, BWA Kielce
- Members' Show, Outpost, Norwich
- Rozproszone Widownie, Galeria Art Stations, Stary Browar, Poznań
- Stosunki Pracy, Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław
- After the Rally, Studio Gallery, Warsaw
La Memoria Finalmente, Galleria civica di Modena
- Contemporary Art From Poland, European Central Bank, Frankfurt
- 13 SURVIVAL Art Review “Prohibited Acts”, Wrocław
- State of Life. Polish Contemporary Art within a Global Circumstance at National Art Museum of China, Beijing
- Procedures for the head. Polish Art Today, Kunsthalle Bratislava
- Devils!, Biała Gallery, Lublin
- People are strange, Galeria BWA, Olsztyn
- On Generation and Corruption, BWA Gallery, Katowice
- As You Can See: Polish Art Today, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw
- Czech Pope!, MeetFactory, Prague
- Epidemic, CSW, Toruń
- Handy Ones, Arsenal Municipal Gallery, Poznań
- Alphaville, Griffin Artspace, Warsaw
- The Impossible Heap, Galerie8, London
- Aaakupunktura, Kordegarda, Warsaw
- Arbeitsdisziplin, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan
- Anti-Library, [ S P A C E ] , London
- The Institute of Mental Health is Burning, Newport Museum and Art Gallery, Newport
- Guerrillas, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan
- MIR, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
- SHOW One, Royal College of Art, London
- EASTinternational, Norwich
- The Voies Off Festival, Arles, France
- I Like All These Pictures, Starter Gallery, Poznan
- Fresh&Polish, Budapest
- Pingyao International Photography Festival
- 7th International PhotoFestival, Lodz
- ŚLĄSK ACTIVE 3, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice
- SCAN, Tarragona
- Gry Wizualne, Szara Gallery, Cieszyn
- (im)Mortal LoveArt Biennale , Warsaw
- Nothing to wonder at..., Project for Katerinska Garden, Prague
- UAMO Festival, Munich
- 151206, Oko/Ucho Gallery, Poznan
- International Groupexhibition, Defka Institute, Assen
- Vidioci, Stary Browar Gallery, Poznan
- hh:mm:ss, Doppel De Galerie, Dresden


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